Do You Really Understand Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham from H&M?

On 29th September, fans of David Beckham (a global icon for everything), Kevin Hart (a global comedy star), and H&M (a global top fast fashion brand), they are able to receive a feast of Fashion offerings, available at every H&M stores that carries menswear and A collection called ‘Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham’ created under the collaboration between David and H&M, is giving us previews on the important pieces for this Autumn/Winter 2016 season.

Conveyed clearly from the collection name: Modern Essentials, the collection from season to season covers the most important fashion styles and garments that mainstream men could not miss. You can see David has presented you styles in Semi-formal (smart casual), casual, and sport, on-duty and off-duty clothes. Those choices in each look are effective to work for men in major heights and diverse ages, evidenced by the identical looks modelled by David and Kevin.

Therefore, H&M is giving modern men those only effective choices, because men are busy, shy of shopping, and get clumsy if too many choices. H&M leverage David as a role model/spokesman to lecture consumers what they need as essential in their wardrobes.

To talk a bit more, The tactic that H&M implemented in their campaign is our Mr. David Beckham, who is influential on male consumers (mainly born after 1980s and interested in the combined identity of David who was a footballer and married Victoria, former member of Spicy Girl, in short: sports and girls), and on female consumers (on all ages, who are hoping their male partners are dressed like David).

In addition, having Kevin Hart, a quite different type of persona comparing with David, for the purpose to cater H&M’s need to cover his mass target audience. The combination of the two, the identical looks of the two, and the fun presentation with a film are the impressive marketing tactics to engage with their targets with sales in mind.


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