Wimbledon & Polo, British Style – Made in Britain

Continue my last post here, we have seen Brit’s rich nobility and its aristocracy history which have shaped the evolvement of social status and class systems in Britain, and also have impacted Brti’s behaviour in choosing their fashion and lifestyle objects. Being ‘English’, and playing the part of being Posh, not only the one has to pay attention to a sartorial lifestyle, but also the Posh people’s favourite game: The Championships, Wimbledon.


Wimbledon Stadium Tennis

As the oldest tennis tournament in the world with the most prestigious, Wimbledon held in London on real grass since 1877. For hundred years, every late June and early July each year, Wimbledon Championships is always one of the hottest big event in London Season (when social debutantes are presented in the Royal Court). Attending the event always reflects a posh social status of ‘Being English’.


Beyoncé & Jay-Z at Women’s Final


Jude Law


Dominic Cooper


David Beckham & Anna Wintour

Andy Murray’s good work at semi-finals has again cheered the Brits with loads of proud. Clothes: Under Armour


Roger Federer was bit struggle with Milos Raonic. Clothes: Nike


Milos Raonic, Clothes: New Balance

Novak DjoKOvic, Clothes: Uniqlo

It’s a competition, there is one to win; there must be a one to lose. As sports players, they have to face it with great calm, as calm as the white shirt as they are wearing. Speaking of the white dress code, it is said that Wimbledon’s white is a special respect paid to the Royal court. The white colour has became into a symbol for tennis sports. The white, and its associated ‘clean-chic’ tone and manner, also definitely has inspired the success of several fashion brands:

Style: "MF1"

Fred Perry, British; The brand founded by triple Wimbledon champion Fred Perry in 1952 and adopted by generations of British subcultures ever since.


Lacoste, French; Over 80 years living life as a beautiful sport, inspired by the story of René Lacoste in 1933.

As important as tennis, Polo sports is always highly recognised in the Posh. It actually requires more of efforts when you think about it, comparing Tennis. People who wants to learn it, they have to learn horse-riding. Having a pony for you to practice every day does not cheap. Some interesting saying about Polo:

  1. In the world of Polo, there are only two happenings could stop you playing, either Death, or Bankrupt.
  2. There are about 30K amount of Polo players in the world, a few K are Royals, about 10K are professionals, and the rest are rich businessmen.
  3. Yearly salary reached to 20K US Dollars is ok to play Golf, but you need 20M US Dollars to play Polo.

However, for consumers like us, if you don’t know how to play, watching Polo game is also another way to showcase your ‘posher’ taste than the others; for brands, be associated with Polo sport is another way for world leading gentleman’s brands to represent their level of branding, to guarantee their customers’ choices.

Stunning , throws the polo ball to mark the start of the 2015 Maserati Jerudong Park Trophy at Cirencester Park Polo Club on May 24, 2015 in Cirencester, England.

Prince Harry at Maserati Jerudong Park Trophy at Cirencester Park Polo Club

Hackett London at British Polo Day at Beijing Open Polo.


Piaget at British Polo Day at Beijing Open Polo.


Piaget Team’s Fecund Pieres and Royal Salute team’s Prince William in the Goldin Group Charity Polo Cup



Prince William, Duke of Cambridge plays against team Piaget during the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo at Beaufort Polo Club on June 18, 2016 in Tetbury, England.

Piaget with their about 140 years history, they have a whole collection named after Polo dated from 1979, to show their high respect to the Polo sports itself till date, but also to find their space in the favour of Polo’s clienteles.


Recently found on their Facebook, Piaget is launching a 360 video to showcase a live Polo Game (hashtaged: Play a Different Game), with an excitement to make: they are announcing a new watch in NYC on 14th July. Let’s looking forward to that.

Piaget Polo Experience - 360 degree Live Polo Game

Piaget Polo Experience – 360 degree Live Polo Game


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