SPONSORED VIDEO: Weber, Fuel the Perfect Grilling Experience

This is an article for our summer time jolly English men, who are looking to get tanned in a park, lying on the grass, the same time having a good time with bunch of mates at a BBQ gathering. Here below is one way that will for sure deliver more joy to you lot with guaranteed results. Men love some guaranteed good things upfront, don’t we all do? Let’s see how Weber uplift your BBQ experience.

Fuel the perfect grilling experience, slogan of Weber, a briquettes solution brand that offers not only the quality of their physical products to help our BBQ party goes well without any complains on the performance of coals. The brand also offer a strong weapon-like hub of BBQ receipts that stimulate the interest of our readers, who cannot wait to try and show off at their BBQ hangouts in summer time. The picture is a man with the family, well, think about your mates as your family too.

Simply put, consumers care a lot on the performance of a guaranteed grilling experience. In product-driven marketing practices, this experience is fully consistent of physical products that deliver the promise of what it should do. Weber briquettes, which newly introduced to be determined to convince their audience a promise: light up in 20 mins and burn for 3 hours.

The promise has well-considered or learnt from BBQ party’s real circumstances. Put in a more visualised way, people always have strong enthusiasm when planning on the BBQ, but turned bit blue on the lighting up the coals, also bit concerning on do they need to add more coal to keep it going?! This promise with specific digits 20 mins and 3 hours in their tag line has indeed made their clients vividly released from stress on calculating the timing, from the worries of pressure at a joyful party. Digits are easy to remember. Digits can be translated as guaranteed or tested facts. Digits are eye or brain friendly in today’s informative era, when people have so less time in reading content, let alone remembering anything. Take a look at their promotion video, you will learn:

Speaking of content, Weber has moved themselves into anther chapter when it comes to modern marketing, which tries to offer consumer-centric service that might brings a lifetime value from their clienteles. Impressively have seen their efforts in offering a dedicated navigation on BBQ receipts, the brand understands what matters the most to BBQ lovers. It’s the chaos-free, nice looking BBQ food that delivers surprises, happy results and charms, because people like to take pictures and share on Instagram, or to share their best BBQ experience with such nice BBQ food on Facebook. Taking interests in target audience’s behaviour is much more important in hard sell any products in modern world. Let’s see what receipts they can offer below. You can always go to their website see the exact receipts.

Sponsored by Weber

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