Acne Studio Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Fashion Show @Paris Fashion Week

A series of pieces that reflect the mood of the Swedish summer: waterproof jackets, silhouettes and materials inspired by tents, with colours, stripes and checks that are precise and nostalgic.

Over-the-head parkas are cut as if from the material of an old tent, while a poncho like a tent can be fastened in various ways, and shows the starting point of the collection.

Zip-up waterproof jackets have an A-line silhouette in the back to mirror a tent, with side zips to accentuate the shape. Seams are bonded; a detail found throughout the collection.

Knits come in a variety of densities and stitches, from fine sweaters that evoke early bathing suits, to wider stitches like an open yarn sweater made from wool that’s been hand painted.

A rubberised blue wool and silk anorak has checked lining like an old tablecloth from a Swedish holiday home.

Wide-legged pants have circles of suede under the belt loops. Cotton shorts are cut like those for the gym, while bathing shorts are knitted.

Footwear is rubberised, whether its pull-on boots with a slight platform, velcro-fastening Mary Janes, or a sock sneaker that sits tight against the foot as if it has been dipped in oil.


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