Piaget Possession 2016 Collection: Turn, Your Girlfriend’s World is Yours, Strengthen Self & Social Identity

Geneva based luxury jewel and watch brand Piaget is updating their Possession ’turning’ collection in the year of 26. Adding bangels and pendents into 2016 year, the classic Possession signature: turning effect is magically implemented into every master piece.

Brand image of Possession is simply like Olivia Palermo, a social debutante portraits a great deal of social influence, independence and confidence. Aged 25-35 is the core target for Piaget Possession brand to help to deliver the conservative Piaget into a modern Jewel supplier into metropolitan lifestyle individuals.

In this articles, we would not count women as the the sole group of target audience, since Possession collection has a good choices for men, and for couple, for engagement and marriage function use.

Possession is a mind-set, a state of mind to encourage consumers to cheer up, to look after themselves, to be stronger, to grow confidently and independently. Turning rings are structured with four individual parts and attached to each other via very precise craftsmanship. Consumers would enjoy shining their hand-made pieces constructed with cares down to 1/100 mm movement infrastructure, to make sure the the classic turning effect delivered.

Piaget started from a technical solution provider from 1870s. This technician engineering background has resulted in the best in class dedication to their skills, mechanisms, and their delivery to consumers’ expectation. Possession as their daily jewel line, Piaget has showed their 26 years of care of building a ‘turning’ signature to interest and differentiate the market. In turn, Piaget’s clients would be outstanding from the crowds thanks to the ‘turning’ rings.

In China, Piaget Possession is famous for ‘turning to the good luck’ the old saying. Also, Chinese clients love to regard Possession as a symbol of love, thanks to the unique infrastructure.

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