Hermes Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Ad Campaign: Playful Fun Factors Reaching Young Men’s Fashion Requirements

Hermes has brought a quite range of light coloured menswear collection in their Spring/Summer 2016 menswear advertising campaign. Creamy-white, light blue, floral print and the model’s golden colour and even include the red watermelon fruit colour, Hermes has showed their intention of having their collections labelled playful, energetic, the same time maintaining the elegance of being a menswear brand with heritage (looking at the tailored styles as the foundation note).

Spring/Summer 2016 runway could not really reveal the intention that much but the campaign really does considered via their model selection, set selection and the clothes selection. Hermes understood that RTW could not go far if they must focus or spending all marketing dollars on their on-target mature clients, but to move their scale a bit younger to educate the potential prospects: young professionals who have extra disposable money and the same time needing of fashion exposure.

From marketing’s point of view, this must have disturbed or spend quite a lot of time discussion internally before they locked down the younger move. For a luxury heritage brand e.g. Hermes, especially in today’s e-commerce, material and image driven shopping environment, brands are expected to create stories and contents to lure consumers’ interests.

Hermes’s new move are advised to extend their fun elements to their fashion shows, catalogs and other marketing touch points to push the image in an integrated method to strengthen the image in consumers’ mind-set.

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