Reiss Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Lookbook: Cropped Menswear for Modern Sartorialists

British designer-led fashion brand is working to be proud of spreading their British sartorial origin to cater all aspects of different mens’ lifestyle, by introducing a ‘light-wight’ smart casual modern men’s perfect office Spring Summer 2016 looks for this mens who want to portray a contemporary sartorialist’s lifestyle.

Light-weight in the colours Reiss has chosen, consumers can see quite a lot of classic light blue, white. But they still choose a bit of black to keep its foundation of the link and burgundy to highlight the hype of the exciting Spring/Summer 2016, in a holistic view on the seasonal offerings.

Presented in a popular cropped method, Spring Summer 2016 for Reiss is quite brave to embrace the total artisan retro look into the whole line. Surely they have done their research and found the respect their clienteles’ tastes. Those clients who are more likely to share their wardrobe vision and confidence with Reiss. Considering their market share in those male segments who are around 25 to 40 years olds with much more disposable incomes who value the heritage of classic cutting and modern trends, Reiss is quite strong in building their brand as a designer-led with their intention to deliver British designs; and in acknowledging clients’ wants comparing with other brands who are normally managed by a group company.

Reiss again as a modern sartorial dresser, who combines what’s hot in the market in a more approachable method for most men. Majorities of this season’s looks are dominated by formalwear, but twisted with a hint of sportswear to align with Reiss’s Spring/Summer 2016’s unique selling points: blurring the boundaries between the two distinctive segments, and making it work to save their consumers in clothes changing from office to off-work drinks or workouts.

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    First i ‘m new here and have enjoyed your post , I am the type who like to research on trends and adapt to my way . Keep up the good work and inspiring me.

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