Sponsored Video: Wilkinson Sword Reinforces ‘Precision’ & ‘Love’ Via Sword Play

Miss Blake Lively is recently joining an international video advertisement for: Wilkinson Sword, a men’s grooming go-to razor brand which has successfully inserted to today men’ shopping list. Presenting with loads stimulating actions and ‘foreplay’, Blake has made the most of her well-toned and build body in the video, ‘Sword Play’.

Dated back to 1772, a traditional sword manufacturer for the British Army, has transformed themselves with added product line, razor. The heritage of being sharp, manly, precision is highly celebrated and resonated in their branding. It’s a great work to take this heritage and recognise the value and push it forward to create marketing initiatives much closer and simulating to relate and challenge their target audience’s identity requirements.

Precision, daring, and love, three key pillars are clearly communicated in the video from value side of the Wilkinson Sword product, to provide consumers extra bit of purchase reason when thinking about a functional razor for themselves, for their lovers and the person they love.

Also, the video has cleverly recognised that women are the group who has strong decision making shopping behaviours when shopping for men and their family. Wilkinson Sword is also targeting on their men who care about their appearances and would like to spend a minute or two to understand the video and get charmed with the stimulating ‘Sword Play’ idea.

For the branding side, Wilkson Sword has stated their willingness clearly to engage with their target audience with a sharp, strong, sexy, stimulating, daring and caring loving tone. It would be also welcomed to enrich their content in that direction through all sorts of marketing initiatives e.g. collaboration and other digital marketing communication methods, to get the market recognise Wilkson Sword’s value as a brand.

Sponsored by Wilkson Sword


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