Admiral Autumn/Winter 2015 Men’s Sportswear: Generic, Simple, Down-To-Earth Sporty Smart For Young Men

British sportswear brand Admiral is taking their heritage of supplying football kit to a frontline of end-consumers. Supplied the playing jersey to England’s goalkeeper, Gordon Banks, also Kevin Keegan and Gary Lineker, Admiral hosts a strong fusion story of fashion and sports to offer quality products and performance. For Autumn/Winter 2015 season, Admiral has absorbed their experience through working with those famous men, to take modern consideration of their targeted younger consumers in a mass scale, to introduce two ranges: Retro (competitive range, classic navy and black tricot track tops related) and Gold (style range, more luxurious in the tipped polo). Two ranges will be available for purchase at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide from 14th July, at price range: £16 – £30.

Let’s speak in a Fashion Marketing voice:

Wining through brand collaboration especially the channel collaboration and product collaboration are perfectly considered in this case. In detail, the heritage rooted British lifestyle related brands: Admiral (clothing brand) and Sainsbury (marketplace), they share a quite sharp matching when it comes to the idea of being retro and historical in both brand stories.

However, representatively, for Admiral the dominating player of this collaboration of fashion business, the good things is that the brand is emerging into the market with a good story to tell, but they deadly need channels (secured channels to showcase their offering to a specific target audience). Admiral could take advantage of Sainsbury’s nation-wide store franchises, which altogether influence vast amount of Sainsbury loyal supermarket customers. For Admiral, it’s a benefit to have this move to put their products in front their wanted customer base.

Customers here are Sainsbury’s customer who are perceived to look for cheerful but slightly better quality stuff. It’s a scope of supermarket; so that you understand the price point and functionality of the item they are selling. Admiral’s Autumn/Winter altogether 28 pieces, priced at £16 to £30, depending on the range (Retro or Gold) you will shop. Modern marketing scholars have evidenced that women are more likely to shop around in the supermarket and buy for the family. Let’s take a look at Admiral’s Autumn/Winter 2015 merchandise again, every piece provides a sense of being sporty, being casually smart, being something like popular young generation in 2015 would wear. Therefore, again, this channel of Sainsbury for Admiral is rather good to convert into real money to get their next season going on.

For Sainsbury, a supermarket is madly to fight back with the competition with Tesco, M&S and other similar branded marketplaces. It’s a mature decision to bring in a shared vision lifestyle brand with a good story to tell, and a good design of quality product (two ranges: Retro and Gold) in a good price to compete, in the division of fashion. Also, granting the exclusivity of Admiral’s brick and mortar channel also puts a good ring to this landing of Sainsbury’s willingness to stock Admiral’s Autumn/Winter 2015 clothing.



  • Reply July 24, 2015

    Mr Essentialist

    So sharp!
    Alexander @Mr Essentialist

  • Reply February 9, 2016

    Liam @ The Watch Blog

    I think they’re aiming for the right market and it’s a decent price point. Sometimes with lesser known brands people don’t want to fork out too much cash, understandably. But the £30 and under pricing is an affordable range so should go well.

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