Mr. Porter x Club Monaco No. 2 London Menswear Store Event: A Fine Touch Of Men’s Luxury Lifestyle, A Blending Into British Fashion Industry

Following their recent opening on No. 2 Chiltern Street, Club Monaco is continuing to bring up another level of media hit via a neighbourhood event with a partnership with Mr. Porter, one of the best-selling online shopping portal for modern men. The event took placed on the 10th June 2015, at the second men’s store of Club Monaco, No. 2 Chiltern Street, also with other two stores: Mario’s Barbour Shop and Shreeji Newsagents from the neighbourhood, to present their guests a focused choice of modern gentlemen’s lifestyle in detail, including fashion, food, cocktails, music, books, home and grooming.

200 media titles and influencers including David Gandy, Douglas Booth, Harry Treadaway, Jim Chapman, Quentin Jones, Patrick Grant, Robert Konjic and many more were entertained at the event, with the sounds of Robin Katz and his band upon arrival, food and drinks from Club Monaco’s Second Floor kitchen and Noma, the number one rated restaurant in the world, light grooming services from Mario’s Barber Shop, while vintage books from New York’s The Strand stocked the shelves of the news agency, along with the best of Club Monaco’s third-party brands.

This event marks as the best event of start of June before London Collections: Men Spring/Summer 2016 for London. Club Monaco the second men’s store opening introduced the opportunities for global partnerships with local fashion influencers and other fashion brands. The event landed very strongly from the portfolio of attendees, and the following media pick-ups. The potential influential power of this event is highly valued to create a buzz in the industry of fashion media, the mind-set of fashion influencers and normal consumers.

Available @ NO.2 Chiltern Street London Store, Marylebone, City of Westminster, London, W1U 7PR


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