Club Monaco NO.2 Chiltern Street London Store: A Home To Traditional Londoners Into Modern Life

After debuted its first store East London in 2014, New York City headquartered mens’ and women’s lifestyle and fashion brand: Club Monaco is extending its business in London with a second store. Located on the historical Chiltern Street, Club Monaco takes the NO.2 on the street to focus on their menswear collection.

The store is kept with the original Victorian store front, and the sense of being London, being traditional gentlemen-like. Harmony with its interior design in this intrinsic of neighbourhood, Club Monaco the second menswear store offers innovative and unique collection os fashion and culture to the modern life of London, elements including fashion, books, home, flowers, food, coffee, and cultivation.

Club Monaco is currently highly accepted in local market of the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing and Macau, and now the second premise in London, with its fine identity of the brand, and what the brand stands for. Also with its affordable price, Club Monaco is able to get their merchandise into common men’s wardrobe easily but with a good quality.

Available @ NO.2 Chiltern Street London Store, Marylebone, City of Westminster, London, W1U 7PR


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