Original Penguin Causal Active Collection 2015: Simply, Sporty, But Still Original

Menswear brand Original Penguin is having their designs back to the basics but in favour with their renowned sportswear origin. The collection called Causal Active collection, emphasises on the functional part of its superior fabric made garments to help modern modern men to get through the summer season without concerns of choices.

Especially consumers will enjoy a simple but classic look of T-shirt, Sweats, Polo, Bomber and Outerwear. Original Penguin expects its Causal Active the basic summer collection to reach out their client’s wardrobe if the clients want something basic with values, or have less understanding on other lines.

The selected image is created by London famous menswear photographer and creator of 100 Beards, Jonathan Daniel Pryce, and stylist Chris Benns. They have chosen skyline of London and a young dynamic model to help to shape or give a feasible taste of the brand (Original Penguin) and the line (Causal Active) to reach their target audience.

Available @ Original Penguin


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