Sponsored Video: Carlsberg Beer, Sending Some Love To Your Favourite Lifestyle Drink

Carlsberg, one of the leading men’s lifestyle/drinking brands is introducing us their love of running beers into the happy lives of their audiences. The video is presented like a Karaoke music video to interact with their customers with a very familiar song to most people. It’s a smart and effective video overall after the assessment of marketing purposes.

Loving your beer, loving your beer time when spending with your mates is what Carlsberg tries to communicate in their new Karaoke advert. Carlsberg had done an insightful research on their target audience and found a high association to vary social gatherings. This very scene imaging singing your favourite songs while holding your favourite beer with your favourite mates. That is the brand’s direction to make their consumers happy, to pull out the positive altitude when their audiences think of their brands, in order to help their consumers to make their buying decisions.

With the companying of a Love song, Carlsberg has done every bit of effort in their 30 seconds video to push out the word: love, to warm up their audience’s heart. This bit of love power is quite frank and straightforward to let their customers to understand what Carlsberg is about as a brand, what Carlsberg could bring to their lives.

Sponsored by Carlsberg


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