East Dane January 2015 Men’s Style Lookbook (5): Outerwear: Go Big or Go Home for Modern Young Men

East Dane provides us this parka style with a strong statement overcoat on the hood design. We love the combition style with burgundy coloured jumper and the blue checked shirt, and grey coloured slim fit trousers, and the contrasted white coloured trainers. The look is down to earth, urban, powerful, and strong with a story to tell.

Defining yourself with a nice chosen outerwear jacket is not that easy, is it? But it’s quite nice if you could locate yourself the right choice by weighing your investment, your height, your sense of style. However, readers for this post must understand how interesting it is when your mates relate your clothes as who you are, or when they look at your clothes will instantly think you’re existing in the group. It’s the power of a clothes could give to you. Therefore, making a good choice of which outerwear you need to wear to influence how other people view you is a decision making process that many of us should be aware.

Available @ East Dane

Brands: Ten C (Coat), WAIT (Jumper), Patrik Ervell (Shirt), Rag & Bone (Sweatpants), The Generic Man (Trainers)

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