East Dane January 2015 Men’s Style Lookbook (4): Destroyed Denim for Modern Young Men

Off-duty looks are always related to jeans and denim looks. Even sometimes in the office, you get a chance to wear something really relaxed on Friday for some companies. We would like to pay our attention to how denim could shape your look in a sense only belonging to you. As the material of denim itself, the more you wear them, the more comfortable and the more personal it will get. Similar to our target audience: young men’s shared personality in dynamic and energetic, denim could be the item that works with very general understanding of young men’s thing. Well, we do have big brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2 who are interested in giving the industry best shape of denims.

Ripped, faded, and run through the wringer. The coolest jeans look like they’ve been worn for years. That’s what East Dane wrote to promote their denim merchandising. It’s very key to the point that jeans are recommended to wear for experience, for getting them to fit you, rather than an item that change who you are and the understanding of others who regard you. The contrast is Tux.

Available @ East Dane

Brands: Schnaderman’s (Overshirt), Wings+Horns (Tee), Patrik Ervel (Shirt); Cheap Monday (Jeans)


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