East Dane January 2015 Men’s Style Lookbook (3): One Colour, Head-to-Toe for Modern Young Men

Things would go quite easy if you are a person who is in love of black colour or any specific colours for example red or blue. But Black is a universal colour that make you look instantly stylish and in-depth. Also, it would be much easier for anyone wearing a head to toe in black colour. Can you imagine yourself wearing red head to toe?!

The look featured in this post present you how young men would actually wear on the street. It’s highly recommended that a black and dark grey-ish colour patterns that makes a bit more story into the total look. We like the focus on the shoulder which emphasised by a hood, attached to a mid-length jacket. We like the sweatpants with a tight end connecting to a low base black colour trainers. The look is easy to understand, street-wise, with a bit effort showed on that shirt.

Just similar to what East Dane noted: Pick a colour and make it your signature. Depth will come from texture and cut.

Avaliable @ East Dane

Brands: Arc’Teryx Veilance (Coat), Native Youth (Shirt), Rag & Bone (Tee), Zanerobe (Pants), Svensson (Trainers)


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