East Dane January 2015 Men’s Style Lookbook (1): Long & Short Layering for Modern Young Men

The Long and Short layering contrasted style is a son of modernity, art, construction, and relaxation, a style for stylish young men who wants to make use of their youthful body shape. This comes with a funnel shape, that our model focus on the shoulder, which is regarded as the key starting point of the whole look. Shoulder creates masculinity and strength for our wearers to connect the volume that a short-length bomber jacket. This style comes with a sleek haircut to give less weight in between shoulders.

Then, a long length shirt inside to contrast the short length outer jacket to create a story, to strike a pose that shows the personality of yours. Combing with a skinny trousers and a pair of same coloured boots to give you extra bit of masculinity. This also extend your height too if you are competitively small.

It’s a style for 2015, we really do not want to label it as Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, as you could find this style has been dominating the runway for a while. We would like to say it’s a great presentation for us that we believe the point of constructional looks with the understanding of funnel style.

It has been a trend for quite a long time if you have noticed it for a while; however, for most of us, it’s not official that such style would actually getting into modern men’s wardrobe. Normally you could found this style in guys who are interested in really independent artisan fashion, a style that highly distinguish themselves from others. But alongside the adoption of majorities, this style is worthwhile mentioned for the sake of getting it officially introduced to our readers, and the same to tell ourselves how important body proportion it is.

Available @ East Dane

Brands: Rag & Bone (Jacket), Cheap Monday (Sweatshirt), ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo (Tee), Naked & Famous (Jeans), Vince (Boots)


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