Sponsored Video: Philips Shaver 9000, Giving Modern Men The Closest Shaving Experience with Innovative Technology Offering For Christmas

Introducing a 8D shaving method to help to meet modern men’s pursuit in extreme, classic men’s shaving brand Philips is delighted and very confident on the launching this Shaver Series 9000. The revolutionary 8D is the key communication message that indicates consumer would be enjoying a much closer shaving experience by making use of 8 directions shaving possibility.

Evidenced by 75 year of making men’s shaving experience, Philips is proud of this innovative movement and its proprietary Contour detect technology to help modern men to reach the closest shaving experience without compromising on comfort, control or choice.

The video is making this Shaver Series 9000 introduction to the market much easier to understand, with a theme of ‘Gravity has always held us back, get your revenge – go to space!’ Philips is with this method of making fun of how gravity works in our daily life to trigger consumers to participate.

Modern men are purchasing a much dedicated lifestyle with evidence how much concern they have showed on grooming products. Apart from the newly inserted skincare and perfume to men’s lifestyle mind-set, shaving products and after shave products are more associated with manhood, which is considered to occupy a majority of men’s buying behaviour. Shaving is a continuous topic for men like how women talk about facial mask. It introduces a lot of business that modern lifestyle retailers to make stories for example having a trip to space to extend you manhood.

Sponsored by Philips


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