Sponsored Video: adidas & Foot Locker: Get Your Trainer For Christmas Holiday

The Veritas and ZX Flux camo collection is introduced today by one of our favourite sportswear brand adidas. Endorsed by hip-hop star Big Sean, this brand new collection introduced during holiday season will help to generate more social buzz for the purpose of getting the products into their customers’ mind-sets. The new collection is expected to lift up the ranking level of adidas when customers think about buying a trainers for themselves or others during holiday seasons.

This camo collection from adidas is available through Foot Locker, an e-commerce footwear shopping portal. With their different focuses on the complementing looks, both styles The Veritas and The ZX Flux have brought a lot of streewearness to whatever you put on the body.

With Veritas’s structured look, modern customers could work with their slightly formal-ish looks, or for the usage of complementing an innovative modern streetwear urban look. Customer could get a modern streetwear too with The ZX Flux look, but it’s more about a lifestyle one with a quite lot of sportswear features, for example, styling with a rolled up trousers or jeans, a parka, a backpack, and a bike, a hat, it has been dominating our London look for a while.

Therefore, both looks on this brand new camo collection are quite refreshing during holiday season with some of holiday colours, but also maintaining the quality of adidas products, which offer relevance and confidence to your lifestyle.

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