Mr Porter x Eddie Redmayne Autumn/Winter 2014 Men’s Style: Born With An Iconic British Style: Men’s Fashion & Individuality Presentation

Outstanding from other male actors in modern filming industry, Eddie Redmayne as a competitive export of British culture and sense, he is always related to a high-end level of fashion brands, for example, Burberry Prorsums, and to be pictured by major fashion magazines.

The outstanding of him is not only the character he has been playing throughout his film starring career including the latest offering of ‘The Theory of Everything’, but also his unique but eye-catching English look that differs from other males who are sharing similarity of being popular, like what we known a Hollywood look. This might explains why Mr. Porter would have Eddie’s appearance to lift up their exposure.

In the post by Mr Porter, Eddie is introduced with his work with the film: The Theory of Everything, his interaction with Steven Hawking, and his relevance to this highly anticipated documentary film. We have learnt Eddie Redmayne’s much attribute to the film itself, but also learnt his believes in applying modern high-end brands to maintain his look and his lifestyle as a world-famous male figure.

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    Mr. Porter is really so stylish & as a fashion icon for men. Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us.

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