East Dane December Autumn/Winter 2014 Men’s Looks (5): Let’s Go Casual With Jeans & In-Trend Sweat-Shirts

Moving down from formalwear, modern men would love to have other choices such as casual-wear or extremely casual, like gym-wear. Here in this post, we are making the casual-wear more appealing to readers by introducing something easy-to-understand and the same time in line with current trend. We are having AG Adriano Goldschmied for this post by offering their slim-fit tapered denim jeans, especially the well-welcomed tapered shape from the knee to hem.

Readers would not worry too much on this shape, as it caters the general body striation of human being, with wider on the hip and narrowing down to the small leg. The shape would give you a in-trend look by wearing a great choice of swear-shirt, another killer in modern young men’s wardrobe. The item of sweat-shirt can be very versatile with its plain colour, also can be a statement by having lots of logos and prints on top. Also, the look goes well with a patterned similar coloured shirt that brings the focus to the neck side. The overall look is simple, structured, and very casual.

Complimentary Sweat-shirt from ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo, Shirt from Hentsch Man, and Shoes from Converse.

Available @ East Dane


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