East Dane Autumn/Winter 2014 November Lookbook (4): Modern Men Requires Even More Versatility In Their Bags & Accessories Purchasing

Versatility is counted as one of the most influential factors that deters modern men’s purchasing choices. Let’s rule the extreme out, especially with those loaded guys who do not give too much thought on the price tag. Normal sensible modern men are quite rational in terms of accessory buying, especially on a large amount of money that you are going to invest on a leather bag.

Here what we males who understand details could lift up your taste of lifestyle, would consider in the same way as some of females we have to admit. It’s about the money sometimes, but sometimes it is just more than what money could convey your sense of fashion, style or lifestyle. We have selected a quite down-to-earth leather bag choice in the image for you from East Dane latest offerings.

We have considered the level of brand, value, colour, versatility, occasion, and all sorts of modern men would consider when buying something like nice look classic always-in-trend item. 3.1 Phillip Lim offers quite altitude-orientated modern designs which offer you the personality and the individuality you need to stand out from the crowd. It offers something belongs to yourself the same time. For occasion, this style works with most of your styles regardless streetwear or formalwear. It will lift up what you believe a good bag it is to complete your whole look up and down town.

Available @ East Dane


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