East Dane Autumn/Winter 2014 November Lookbook (3): Contrasting The Length, The Volume, The Occasion Usage Of Garments

We would not mind bringing the contrasting style into further discussion. East Dane is taking advantage of Scandinavian labels’ clean designs and fit shapes, for the purpose of inspiring their customers about the latest idea in dressing yourself with an altitude. In Autumn/Winter 2014, it’s important for guys to have their favourite piece of outerwear, regardless long or short, thick or thin. It seems that having yourself contrasted length worn underneath your coat is another fashionable statement.

We are having the first white look featuring an eye-catching selection of trainers to contrast an overall look of paleness but to lift up a bit of spirit of excitement. The model was dressed in short length tailored shirt underneath, a quite fit rolled up trousers to contrast that long thick coat with loads of volume.

Also, it is a quite seasonable choice that East Dane featuring patterned knitwear to style with Scandinavian clean chicness. So here it goes another contrast we suppose. The usage of hats in different look definitely pool the look from bit commercial to a good understanding of designer-led.

We are happy to see the style of jogging sweat-pants with classic bomber jacket, to get a cropped proportion, trying to image this from the top to bottom: tighter around the neck, increasing volume to the waist part, tighter back again to your waistband, wider around the hip, funnel down to the small leg, tighter back down to the ankle. It’s a young men’s look with a lot of considerations of shapes and proportions.

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