East Dane Autumn/Winter 2014 November Lookbook (2): Telling Your Difference: Contrasting Styles Applied With Your Coats

Modern menswear could be diverse in terms of styles, especially mixing up or boundaries of formalwear and inform-wear. Since the liberation of clothing styles, men are quite excited to put on diverse or mix up what they have in their wardrobe to please themselves. In other words, men are less interested in spending much time considering the importance of wearing certain styles or having themselves boxed into one certain style. In this post, we would like to spend some time to let you updated about the latest casual shake-up with your formal bits with some French brands recommended by East Dane.

From the looks in the images, we are impressed the how a simple gesture could change the whole mood of a whole look. We are not talking about how amazing the look presentation is, but to show the possibility of adding extra piece of what we known irrelevant things could provide you a different scope of thinking.

The overall shape and the idea of look are not rock science, rather something we are all capable of trying. It is not harmful that we have our trousers rolled up a bit or cropped a bit, evidenced by growing number of modern young men and stylish mature men starting to realise how important to fit them in the phenomenon of short length trouser with a upside down triangle shape.

Then here is the key part that we need to focus: the coat or the jacket. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing on the top for this whole set of looks, but having a right jacket styling with the funnel bottom will give you a completely understanding of what other people view you. From classic bomber over a cardigan and a button-down shirt, from a nice choice parka coat over a double breasted blazer, from a deconstructed blazer over two layers of collared garments, from a mid-length all of those looks are reflecting the need of contrasting, which is the key to tell a difference from your social groups.

Note: please work out the body shape and get a right choice of overcoat before any choice of garments.

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