East Dane Autumn/Winter 2014 November Lookbook (1): Refined Streetwear, Extending Your Personality and Lifting Up Your Everyday Relaxed Styles

Most days of modern men choose to wear something much relaxed and easy-to-understand in order to portray an effortless look. Here comes streetwear, a style that won’t cause too much troubles but add an extra edge on personality and individuality. With quite sharp point of view on fashion garment choices, modern men’s streetwear could reflect both considerations on relaxed frames and a hint of fashion senses that differ yourself from much welcomed industrialised fashion wholesale products, which are chosen by majority of guys who are playing safe.

Here in this post, we are introducing several brands in East Dane, a much welcomed designed-lead fashion portal for modern men’s wardrobe. The following choices work to polish your streetwear tastes that make your fashion purchasing worthwhile.

It is a revolutionary and emphasising season for majority of modern men who start to embrace the idea of mixing and matching your wardrobe between relaxed and refined. Here the whole idea of being a bit of different reflects the key trend of keeping the relaxed frame but adding some refined elements to innovatively create a bit of smartness in your daily wear. In this lookbook presented by East Dane, you can experience the excitement in using tailored items such as button-down plain shirt, leather shoes, trench jacket, formal structured jacket, cropped heritage trousers, and an iconic choice of gentleman’s hat.

However, those formal items are not styled together to build an everyday formal look, but mix and match with other streetwear garments, such as trainers, sweat-shirts, t-shirts, and so on. This set of look again creatively describes the possibility in today’s men’s fashion look: refined designed-lead streetwear look.

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