NEUW Autumn/Winter 2014 Men’s Denim Jeans: Simplicity With An Altitude

Taking inspiration of 1970s, Swedish denim brand NEUW has turned their Spring/Summer 2014 blue colour pattern into a bit darker for Autumn/Winter 2014 season. To match their core design philosophy of ‘The Damned’ for the very collection, the collection would not go wrong with a much deep dyed indigo fabrics and shadow washes. With a much experienced look, NEUW in Autumn/Winter 2014 still maintains a slightly clean look when it comes to a ‘The Damned’ idea. Normally what we think of much-distressed with loads of holes and unnecessary expressions on completed shapes, NEUW make the collection much approachable and achieve the collection idea using their stories and timeless styles.

Menswear fashion would not go that far in terms of adopting brighter and cutting-edge elements in Winter time. Especially found in independent newly founded fashion brands, maintaining something easier-to-understand with their own garmenting skills, for example, a special cut, or a special fabric, or a special style, one of these specials will make you outstanding enough and give you a market. Also, it’s very important to make it wearable to achieve the function of mixing and matching with other garments in the wardrobe. It is not hard to comprehend that customer would not buy in too much a new brand’s story if they have their fondnesses in other competitive brands. Here speaks the brand loyalty, but how to break them or win them: you do need something special to convince them but in a gradual matter.

Available @ Selfridges


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