East Dane October 2014 Men’s Lookbook (2): Jumper Look, A Bit Of Relaxation & Casual, Outerwear Jackets For Modern Young Men

We love the choice: jumper of modern men’s garments. They are cozy, warm, down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, effortless, and all other qualities if we continue to list all of them. They do worthwhile talking about if there’s a room for it. October is the month and season to turn on your radar on jumpers as we suggested. Current choices from vary fashion retailers are quite refreshing and exciting. Especially the favourite style from SAMUELJING: chunky, relaxed, oversized, relaxed style, evidenced by East Dane, it is a trend that they start to draw attention from their customers.

That’s a look they noted as ‘In The Dark’, which indicates shorter days are coming and reminds customers to add more warmness to their looks. Jumper is one of their lookbook style choices, the same time other printed jackets. However, the chunkiness of that jumper really inspires a style if you understand the contrast in between sizes and proportions. From the look, the model wears the jumper but is styled with a slightly narrowed trousers to contrast the relaxed top, and the same time we can image a pair of modern running-shoes, or thick-based modern smart shoes will finalise the look. It’s a look that gives you directions of being a bit of artisan.

We also do not mind spend more time talking about those jackets if some of our readers have their noses on it. Personally we would rather ask our readers to wear them zipped up or button up to shorten the length of your upper body, and leave adequate room for your presentation of longer leg, for the purpose of making you look taller. They are nice and quality jackets with prints and modern technological fabrics, but please be smart about how to wear and style them to make you look good, rather than just for the purpose of protecting form the cold.

Available @ East Dane


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