East Dane October 2014 Men’s Lookbook (5): Leather Jacket, Peacoat, Trench Coat & Topcoat, A Possible Coat For Every Man

We have biker leather jacket for international phenomenon in loving a bit of rock ’n’ roll look or any independent look that you wish to portray. a peacoat is a classic safe choice if you have no idea what to wear during a cold weather but still maintain a large amount of manhood. Or why don’t we consider a bit lighter coat with cleaned structure if weather is not a big issue at your location and you wish to maintain a smart look. Also, we could always rely on this topcoat which a style generates more tailored mix of modernity and heritage.

Outerwear jacket could be very pricey for modern men; therefore, there is a need in considering this investment for your wardrobe. Why don’t we put an idea instalment on it and check if there are other coats could capture your taste, besides our bomber style and parka style presented in earlier posts. Here the instalment must reply on your understanding of those coats, and the time frame that you wish to own them, and how often do you wear them, etc. East Dane provides you all sorts of jackets and coats that could possibly stimulate your buying urge; but please re-consider our idea instalment and make a wise decision if money is a tight word.

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