Modern Men’s Style Choice August 2014 (1): Do Make Yourself Comfortable With A Hint Of Style With Wings+Horns T-shirt & Levi’s Jeans

Season has not been changed much of being extremely hot at where the editor lives. You always need a bit of T-shirt in the wardrobe to make a comfortable and relaxed statement on a day off. Taking some really basic colours such as grey and white would let you down in any sense, since the cotton and the easy colours alway comfort your tiring heart while crouching at somewhere comfortable.

Wings+Horns in this post show us a mid-weight slug jersey choice with its super structured shoulder and the good consideration of rounded hem. This combination of design comes with a slim-fit but gives you a great in-style while making some effort with a good choice of tapered jeans.

For example, this faded-wash Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans provides a worn look with its much heavily tone contrast but emphasised with its special cut in line with our Wing+Horns slim t-shirt. Straight through the thigh and taper from keen to ankle, Levi’s always entertain our modern young gents with their first-class craftsmanship in make a pair of jeans, and their of course modern up-to-the-point design.

This proposed look in a way eases the vary body shape of our reader, it hides the hip but emphasise the small leg, the shoulder, and the overall look as long as you do not own a bear belly. It’s always about the contrast in between jeans and t-shirt. Let’s hope you have a great body shape to rock the most common items, or please alter your newly purchased clothes for a better body proportion. Machine made with a large scale quality will not fit for all. So be brave with taking some inches in or down to make use of wardrobe, while making your money worthwhile.

Available @ East Dane August Spring/Summer 2014 Merchandise


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