East Dane Spring/Summer 2014 On The Way: Layering For Your Modernised Heritage Relaxed Weekend Looks

Modern men are gifted with rich choices of clothes in their wardrobe to show off their relaxed altitude. A bit of layering will benefit your relaxed weekend style, especially when you have less ideas on how to maintain the right look during the day offs. Alongside the street-wear trend, Spring/Summer 2014 offers a good choice of garments influenced by modernised heritage, such as bomber jacket, running shoes, shirting-blazer, raincoat jacket. East Dane has grouped those elements together and introduced us relaxed and effortless trendy looks the same time through brands’ Spring/Summer 2014 stock.

With a theme of ‘On the Road’, being comfortable is recommended for the journey, evidenced by diverse cultured road-trip film images. Characters are under-dressed with the needs of being extremely comfortable and suitable for the change of weather conditions. Being away from the city only a few days on the road won’t introduce too much chaos, but it’s still important to get yourself layered up to fit those needs. Therefore, a good choices of stretchable denim material garments, roll-neck sweatshirt, chinos, and the sometimes shirts when you need for a slightly smarter impression.

Also, a robust pair of boots and some personal accessories are giving some extra style striking sense to make the relaxed image much more personal and direct. Here below are some great looks put together by East Dane:

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