Sponsored Video: Johnnie Walker Blue Label – The Gentleman’s Wager: A Bit Of Fun, A Bit Of Gentlemen, A Bit Of Elegance, A Bit Of Heritage

Set with a grand wooden dancing floor in the mid of night, the deconstructed scene with a live jazz band, an aged piano and a well-fitted sartorial three-piece suit, Jude Law has present a thrilling and breath-taking dance experience for Giancarlo Giannini. A bet based on an idea of winning and impressing each other during their chats on a boating day out on the sea surface, two gentlemen were sharing lifestyle beliefs and stories with a relaxed glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Blue Label Johnnie Walker is a leading luxury Blended Scotch Whisky with a powerful, complex, smooth character. Blue Label offers a mellow rounded nows and a dry smokiness mixing with raisin sweetness. Each individually selected bottle by Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender from rarest casks for over 190 year’s history. It shows a great potential for modern men who enjoy rare experiences, and win anything beyond money through challenges.

It’s the experience and wining dedication build by Johnnie Walker. Especial Blue Lable, the brand has especially taking interests in making this dedication further with creative impressions. Men like to win their peers. It’s a historic battle of impressing by being confident in a delightful and elegant way. Johnnie Walker Blue Label reflects this brand image to enlighten every modern men to experience a bit of consistent heritage. Through reminding you to make extra efforts in your daily social interaction with your mates. Johnnie Walker Blue Label has also transformed the elegant gentlemen lifestyle to modern men’s mindset, and taught them to be elegant, confident, influential, and breathtakingly creative with an engaging personality.

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