East Dane Spring/Summer 2014 Summer In The City: Simplicity Dominating Your Hot Summer Wardrobe In The Heated City

So what about the summer in the city? With an urban environment influence, young generation tends to get their styles easy-to-understand. For example, making fully use of their beloved oversized plain t-shirt, or colour-blocked t-shirts, young men are modernised with a strong interest in tribes’ culture. East Dane with this new Spring/Summer 2014 Summer in the City look has portrayed their vision on modernised youth looks.

Being modern with such clothes choices makes the summer cool down a lot. Modernity is a new tribe that influences people with needs for relaxed simplicity in terms of layers, colours, fabrics and even beliefs. This also could lead to post-modernity which implies a much higher level of personality and individuality, which draws the influence of street wear and popular culture.


Available @ East Dane


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