East Dane Spring/Summer 2014 It’s A Date: According Your Styles To Occasions, Smartness Comes First With Added On Detail & Casualness

Adjusting your styles to occasions is what modern men should keep up-to-date to by maintaining a high quality of diversity in your wardrobe. East Dane is working with dining experts at ZAGAT to provide four different summertime styles for your dates. From relaxed style, casual formal, semi-formal, to extremely formal, East Dane is catering all you needs when it comes to dating. Here below let’ s talk through four different looks for your occasional choices.

First of all, impress a first date. It’s about making an effort but still keeping your personality. It’s a semi-formal style that wins your partner, with small accessories such as a good quality leather stripe heritage watch, nice classic buckled belt, and a combination of dark blue relaxed summer blazer and brown brogue shoes. The first date is about your passions on your personal life and sharing your emotions through every single detail.

Secondly, let’s meet somewhere casual. It’s a hint of trying to know you more for a real you. Why don’t we try something slightly more causal to fit the picture. But please do not get your guard down, it’s always smart to understand that your look matters. A casual smart button oxford shirt, styled with a dark pair of jeans would get your score down, but to add extra personality into your life inspiration.

Then, it’s a battle field to attend events with your beloved one. Here you really try hard to get as much stylish, as much sleek as you can to win over your date. It’s important to get a well-fitted dressing suit, shirts, trousers, shoes and some more gentlemen like accessories such as pocket square or bow tie to make a statement that you are respecting your beloved one and wishing to make an effort for the event.

Fourth, get to know you on your day offs. Highly personal with activity oriented styles, you will understand more on this person’s likes and dislikes after a few dates. Dressing accordingly, trying something in between from relaxed formal and relaxed looks maybe is a good idea. Here East Dane is introducing us a short-sleeve printed shirt, and a washed jeans, with sunglasses to give a sharp and relaxed clean look.

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