East Dane Spring/Summer 2014 All Buttoned Up Or Not: Modern Shirt Choices For Your Improvement On Smartness & Elegance

There’s always a type of garment that every man should have to smart you up in your wardrobe. With a solid proof on effortless fashion styles for men throughout of centuries, the garment of shirt is what customer need to make your every style work with a hint of self-respect in a legitimate way. It’s because of the ‘collar’. People regard it as a necessary evidence in a clothes piece for being smart. That’s also the reason why we have the type of clothes called Polo, to mix up the relaxed t-shirt and shirt during the hot weather or some smart-casual alternatives.

In Spring/Summer 2014 July, East Dane as a style hub for modern men’s fashion garment choices is giving a us a clear path on different branches of designed shirts, from refined to relaxed, from plain coloured to patterned, from cotton to denim, with diverse choices of length and cut. These easy-to-approach and highly wearable shirts selected by East Dane are meant to cater all different needs for occasions, with a purpose of lifting every guy’s smartness in their styles. Also, the selection of shirts is another extension of East Dane’s work to promote male elegance and modernity to fit their customers’ characters.

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