East Dane Spring/Summer 2014 Fashionable Summer Colours: Minimal & Modern, A Style Trend Combing Sportswear & Tailoring

East Dane is starting their Summer campaign with four worth-buying choices of colour shades to educate their customers on how to build their Spring/Summer 2014 wardrobe. Simple but detailed, this lookbook bears East Dane’s style philosophy of being minimalist and fashionist. As a men’s fashion online shopping destination, East Dane is one of few who has such fashion sense in merchandising those below stocks.

Four colour shades: Green, Blue, Red and Khaki, they are easy-to-understand, and summer weather-centric, in sportswear and tailoring-inspired mixed formats such as sweatshirts, tailored trousers, shirts, t-shirts, swimming shorts, and accessories: trainers, lifestyle shoes, sandals, socks, backpacks, pocket square, caps, and belts. They work together and give garment choices to direct customers a relaxed smart style solution for your summer beach holiday, or your off-duty day off.

A men’s fashion and style hub, the very impression you will get as a potential customer, East Dane is translating the balance of mix between the classic and the modern fashion styles for modern men. Combing the fashionable East coast to the functional Middle and West of America, East Dane has uniquely obtained a much sleeker and moderner fashion taste to echo those customers who share a similar vision. With a mission of lifting customers’ fashion taste, East Dane is determined to provide quality products to enable customer to purchase without chasing fashion trends aimlessly.

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