Nixon Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Watch: Timeless Sophistication, Modernised Heritage Gentlemen’s Timewear

Nixon, a southern California watch brand, is providing modern stylish sartorialist a Green Sunray collection in their Spring/Summer 2014 merchandise. As a collection of premium products, Green Sunray maintains the consistency in the whole collection, by selecting a chilled out green colour and a summer breezing stainless steel.

The colour and material combination delivers a great potential in the summer time for modern gentlemen’s style requests: urban, chic, simple, clean, versatile, personal, and functional. Also, taking care of appreciations of conventional men’s watch design frames, five different designs in Green Sunray collection cater each type of consumers for different reasons.

Elegance in the summer time, modern gentlemen has adopted a new method to get their details right in order to pass the standard of being flawlessly stylish. Summer time weather, sartorialists are expected to get their summer suits on, they also would like to maintain the elegance by wearing newly favoured men’s accessory.

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