Men’s Fashion Style Spring/Summer 2014 Editorial (16): Sartorial Suiting Styles For Versatile Modern Men, Smart But Stylish

Sartorialists will be happy to see this editorial, about current tailoring proposals and how to style like model in the luxury market. From extreme smart to post-modern fashion twist, brands featured in this editorial are considerably styled, and are keen to deliver the most wearable suiting pieces to suit wearers’ body shapes and to take care of their needs for occasions.

Overall, mens’ smart suits Spring/Summer 2014 season tend to be laid-back and calm down. Without too much distraction such as colours and prints, they are versatile enough to enable consumers walk from work to restaurants, from elegant events to private functions. With such dedication in perfecting the shape and the fit, modern suiting providers focus on how to flatter consumers by giving them opportunities to expose their interests, preferences, individualities through diverse choices of fabrics, cuts, and origins: British, Italian or American. Differentiated from old days, suits is not only a method to extend authority, but also a personal expression to show individuality.

The suiting market is massive, but the amount of real market leaders is quite lean. It’s hard for ready-to-wear brands, including a majority of luxury brands, to get every inch of fabric right to flatter their consumers’ body shape. It’s a such expensive job to do like what the known bespoke service in Savile Row. Therefore, having extended made-to-measure service for special consumers or offering alteration services is important to make their consumers happy.

It’s a interesting marketing note on this point: sometimes fashion retailers neglect the social audience of their existing consumers. Especially for those luxury ends, their consumers are rich and famous with potential of word-of-mouth marketing influence to their social friends and groups. If you could make your consumers look handsome, their friends will request information about what brand he wears. The hard job of branding and marketing to target audience could be easily and beautifully done just like that.

Publication: King Magazine
Photographer: Jesse Laitinen
Model: Benjamin Eidem


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