Still You: To London & You Lot: Performed By Super Junior Eunhyuk & Donghae

London, I miss you.

I did not expect to bump into you wandering on the road today.
You seem have been doing alright without me being around.
The familiar perfume scent you worn constantly reminds me of you.
So I still, I still miss you.

You are sitting closed in the car with your arms crossed over your chest, with your dearest smile.
I am think I am ok now, I seriously have got over the feeling of it.
But still, I have found, I could not forget about you, your old familiar face.
But I don’t know, I don’t know if that feeling still stings, that feeling still hurts.

I still hold my phone and look back your old pictures over and over again.
I wanted to erase all those old memories, but still hesitating if I should call you.
I still could not hold my breath when I think of you.
Then I start to picture you in my head, and then wipe you off again and again.

I still want to become your shadow.
Then I get a chance to follow you the world.
Then I get a chance to look after your tired heart.
But I know the only thing I could do is to look at you over the distance.
Because baby I know, I know you will fade away and walk away again if I come any closer.

London, I miss you.


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