Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Lookbook: Meeting Modern Young Men’s Different Aspects Of Lifestyle Style Requirements

A refreshing Mediterranean breeze of urban taste, Italian menswear and lifestyle brand Antony Morato is updating their Spring/Summer 2014 with a wide range of effective choices for target consumers’ different aspects of lifestyles, from sports, holiday, causal and smart.

Under a same appreciation of modern young men’s styling requirements: simple, effortless, up-to-date, extendable and up-beating. In reply of this buying behaviour, Italian Antony Morato is good at expressing their design philosophy through contracting the colours, and introducing lighted colour pattern for Spring/Summer 2014, such as grey/blue/pale white, striped white/beige/black/red. They are bright toned colour combinations, and are expected to work with their fitted young cut, to meet modern young male consumers’ buying behaviours in Spring/Summer seasons, which are highly influenced by warmer Mediterranean Sea, breeze and growing numbers of related social gatherings.

Young men’s wardrobe in Spring/Summer 2014 is nothing radically changed from previous seasons. Fashion retailers for example Antony Morato is gradually focusing on the diversity of their merchandising choices. In other words, young men are expected to be stylish and creative in their existing wardrobe, also expected to break set style rules and to extend those for new applications. For example, the trend of using t-shirts rather than a proper shirt under a short lengthened Italian tailored blazer is found more popular among young male consumers. They would like to make an ‘out-of-box’ change on their existing garments, experiment on it, and make it work with their personality.

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