Sponsored Video: Wilkinson Sword: Have A Smooth Valentine’s Day

It’s the time for Valentines, the whole city is full of ongoing romance and rich colour of rose red. Such beautiful memories of dear intimacy and such amount of gorgeous looking happy couples are holding hands and enjoying each other’s company on the street, in the shop, bar, restaurant, and every corner of the city. To company the precious lovely time during the Valentine season, the well-known men’s grooming brand Wilkinson Sword is introducing an interactive installation in the city to give you and your partner a special intimate and unforgettable experience.

The appreciation of male customers’ shaving lifestyle (normally for dates during the Valentine’s) and the understanding of female partner’s reaction of men’s facial hair (normally happy when they can feel the smoothness), Wilkinson Sword takes advantage of Valentine’s Day, and applies their consumers behaviour research result. Showed in the video, they encourage people to pull out each facial hair on the wall (like shaving), then they will find out a lovely red rose (like love) on the other end. It clearly states you will find love if you are shaved and smooth.

Wilkinson Sword has really achieved a great deal of customer satisfaction in taking care of the intimacy between their beloved consumers and partners, from those unforgettable exciting and surprising moments when people find out hidden roses. This is also in line with the campaign slogan: ‘This is not the day to irritate her; Have a smooth Valentine’s Day’. In another words, this video campaign again reflects Wilkinson Sword’s mission in delivering the best shaving products and the best customer experience.

In addition, on the Valentine’s Day from 07:30 to 19:00, Wilkinson Sword is offering an exchange of your beards for some flowers, in their ‘Beards for Bouquets’ pop-up barber shop in King’s Cross Station London.

Sponsored by Wilkinson Sword


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