Y-3 Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear New York Fashion Week: Graphics Blended Yamamoto Sporty Elegance Signature

In Spring/Summer 2014, Y-3 is teaming up with Peter Saville, whose influential and hyper-colourful artwork in music albums, to introduce New York Fashion Week a collection of graphical Yamamoto, a young sporty and thriving vibe of internet dominated ‘Meaningless Excitement’.

From the bomber jacket, sweatshirt, trousers, to the sneakers, a relaxed and boxy signature is found in this collection to bring up the movement range for the wearers. But this is also the current fashion style that Yamamoto in favour of. Highlighted with Saville’s colourful prints throughout the collection, the black and white Yamamoto’s pattern is receiving more of a sporty revolution, to distinguish from Y-3’s previous collection. However, the amount of colours and prints used in the collection is not loud, but compliments the style possibilities and fashion requirements from Y-3’s young client base.

Expertise in applying volume and minimised colour pattern into dramatic high-end designer merchandising, Japanese post-modern fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, is lifting the original Adidas group brands with some sensible style availableness, especially the dedication in Y-3, the sportswear spirit inspired street looks carrying Yamamoto’s signature application on dramatic shapes to reflect effortless lifestyles.

Sporty but with a sense of elegance, Streetwear but with a touch of high-end fashion translation, Y-3 is always with a mission to set young men’s wardrobe style standards and help them to lead the trends and never settle down with existing fashion styles. The versatile Spring/Summer 2014 collection is again showing the audience how sportswear could compliment the elegance style and rewriting the dressing code for the industry.


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