Numero Homme China September Autumn/Winter 2013: Altering Fashion Trends To Fashion Styles By Adding Your Personality

Chasing fashion trends is a lifestyle that people who appreciate the stories and design philosophies that high-end fashion brands put into consideration when reacting to the real-world market. However, trends are rapidly changeable alongside the modern media and social group’s promotion and pressure. Therefore, here comes the talk of establishing a personal distinguishing style, it’s like to build a personal brand image or identity that only belongs to yourself after thoughtful consideration on your demographic factors: height, weight, body shape, age, occasions, and inwards personality. This unique style is strong and robust, non-copiable or transferable, because you have already upgraded this established style with a crucial factor: personality.

When we think of clothing, we are shaped by them, depending on the use of occasions. Taking a very simple example, uniform for jobs, those garments are highly agreed or symbolised under a social group’ s awareness. That is strong enough when a person wears uniform, instantly he or she is obligated with certain responsibilities and roles. Also, when people come across those uniforms, they will understand what the person does for a living. This is a simplest example about how garments shape and alter personality.

Extending fashion trends into your personality is great way to explore fashion styles that might suit you. People who are depending the changeable fashion trends to life their confidence level. Especially those people who breath trends and styles, they are highly aware of what’s new and what’s popular, but they are the most sensitive group of people, as they have to keep themselves up-to-date to protect themselves with a beautiful and impeccable fashion shied. Those inwards emotional personality or strong love/hate benefit them a great skill in identifying new trends and altering them to fit their own personal way. That’s why most fashionable people they tend to understand what clothes are working for them or what’re not.

This set of fashion photography is selected from Numero Homme China, shot by Ethan James Green, modelled by Mathias Lauridsen, merchandised from Gucci, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.


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