Harper’s Bazaar Man Korea September 2013: Emotion-Oriented Sophistication To Fulfil Modern Young Men’s Lifestyle

Building a sophisticated lifestyle for a young man is more like a mission to do, because it does involve a lot of life-time stories and experiences that a common young man is lack of. In order to achieve the amount of sophistication, a group of modern young men tends to foster specific interests in certain industries with a utter deeper level of gained knowledge and shared cultures. Such as specific type of music (jazz), film (British Academy), phenomenon (charity), and other pop trends with depth, they are categories that modern young men’s approach to gain those experience and stores that mature men already have.

Emotions are important in sophistication, sometimes depression is understood as sophistication, as most of those depressed young men are thinkers with own point of view towards the outwards world against others. This sorta rebellious thinking are welcomed in sophistication, but should have been managed in an appropriate method by seeking for alternative ways to release those massive amount of negative stress or to convert those depression emotions into positive ones.

Writing is one method I have found intriguing and inspiring for getting those pressures out of my chest. Being an individual with independent thoughts is not easy in living a contacts or relationships oriented society. Here introduces the feeling of isolation, an unwanted stated of mind fights against the feeling of belongings and love. In contrast, the amount of time being with yourself and creating opportunities to be an outsider is a great way out to think, to observe the surroundings, to lift and fulfil your personal spirit.

Styled with high-end brands including Raf Simons, Gucci, Thom Browne, Burberry Prorsum, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Hemès, Saint Laurent, Junn.J and so on, this selected fashion photography set is from Harper’s Bazaar Man Korea September 2013 issue, to portray the different aspects of young men’s lifestyle and to push the boundaries of possible style presentations according to emotions and occasions.


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