SAMUEL JING Story May 2013: Self-Deconstruction & Self-Depression

Dwelling inside a self-protected shell, a self-made mental prison to punish his misbehaviours and wrongdoings for the last nine month was a method Samuel chose to wash himself white, to bring back his sincerity and purity back, to enable him to reassess his heart and soul. Here, Samuel, as a character the author created from the very beginning to extend this men’s fashion blog, he has been stuck inside that heart-bleeding prison for so long, and now eventually he lost the ability to pick himself up, instead he gained varieties of ways to depress himself, to kill his any leftover happiness.

Instead of moving on like a cold-hearted stone, he chose to avoid the reality and live in an inception he build inside his mind. An ideal world that every inch of his heart belongs to a person he tried to hold back, tired to please for years. Back the date, when the boredom hit in, when the moment was gone, when the truth came out, Samuel was exploded in a barren field, in an extreme devastated way, he turned into an emotional walking zombie, haunted by every beautiful and ugly memory.


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