Royal Salute x Norton & Sons Polo Jacket: Luxurious Exclusivity & Sporting Simplicity

In order to stimulate, enrich and refresh the client’s excitements around the established brand, Royal Salute is getting this right ‘fit’ between their existed brand image and their next marketing plans. As a luxury Scotch whisky brand, not only having this ‘fit’ of fully supporting the ‘King of Sports’: Polo, but also they are taking this support into depth, recently teaming up with one of the most established Savile Row tailor Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons, and launching this very piece of bespoke suit jacket for their international Polo attributes.

For the purpose of constructing an enriched brand community for luxurious exclusivity, this very carefully crafted jacket is only presented by and awarded to world top Polo players, for example, Facundo Pieres, Royal Salute World Polo Ambassador. With this hidden meaning of exclusivity, this very bespoke Royal Salute and Norton & Sons’ collaborated piece will be highly wanted by those Polo players and lovers.

Borrowing the heritage of British tailoring experience from Savile Row, in where the highest gentlemen lifestyle pursuit could be found, and in where the King tailoring of heritage and history exists and lasts, Royal Salute is making the right marketing move to bring an extra meaningful layer of Polo lifestyle to their existing brand image.

Norton & Sons’ design for this Polo sport orientated jacket is with an idea of ‘moving simplicity’. According to Patrick himself, this simple crafted piece is taking a straightforward inspiration from Royal Salute, as a luxurious high quality status brand with its special navy blue luxurious velvet bottle and packaging design. Also, Patrick proposes an adaptable approach in bringing more movements and simplicity to the construction of the jacket, especially the one-single button detail and the pocket design. The advantage of sporting tailoring from Norton & Sons comparing with other Savile Row brands is their speciality that offers a full Sporting lifestyle experience and fits the shape of world Polo players.

Royal Salute, with more than half century history, is already famous for their extreme determinations in delivering the most luxurious whisky tasting experience around the world, with their precious at least 21 years blend. It’s a taste of luxury, sophistication and status.


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