Pinterest Pin It Forward UK: It’s All About Interests, It’s All About Converting Interests Into Actions

Alongside the modern fast-pacing lifestyle and the development of interactive internet social networking methods, people tend to love to look at glossy images and use them to express their interests and influence fellow alike-minds in a more direct way. Therefore, here comes Pinterest, a new era social networking tool taking your interest into details. By grouping those glossy pictures into individual boards, Pinterest offers a more organised pin-board system that enables users to collect ideas, to research topics, to discover brand-new creativities, and to broad horizons.

As a men’s fashion blogger, I have been using this time-efficient tool since it is started. It’s a direct presentation of my specialised areas, which I have created different boards to help my readers getting their favourite styles easily, with the amazing re-directing function of Pinterest, my readers will be able to read through the back-up stories for certain images or styles they are more interested in. Here below is a brief intro of my men’s fashion board:

Therefore, owning yourself a Pinterest can be very rewarding, considering the amount of time and energy you are saving in finding those related stories and pictures/styles you are dying to get. Go ahead with the Registration Link to get yourself a Pinterest account, follow one of my best pinned Men’s Fashion board, stay tuned and be amazed by SAMUEL JING men’s fashion blog.

Not only me using this great tool to enrich my readers’ experience, there are other fellow fashion bloggers using it in an expert level, for example, there’s one I am so proud to mention, a London-based style expert Martell Campbell, with his very detailed arrangements of fashion related pins and boards.

Hope you like it.


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