Peter Werth N1 Project: Building A High Quality Heritage Menswear Brand Through Home Attributes

Taking advantage of the meaning of hometown and spreading the special bond for building a strong solid brand community is vastly used for modern fashion retailers. Similar to the love for South Italy Sicily to Dolce & Gabbana, here the Islington, with a postcode N1, the northern London, means the strong inspiration for London established modern high quality menswear brand Peter Werth, which recently opens its store in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London.

Peter Werth as a person who was born in Islington 1975, his fashion design was surrounded with the nonstop inspiration coming from this N1 area, such as sharp street trends, and the distinguishing islington local culture and people. Here the new promotional video and pictures to support this N1 project is shot around the most iconic places in Islington, by Dean Rogers, who understands Peter Werth’s appreciation in those places and people who have influenced his successful route as a fashion designer with a good taste fashion brand.

Bringing their special connection with the place they are coming from, is how modern fashion retailers react the trend of heritage marketing, or retro marketing. With the help of moving pictures, target consumers will understand the full story of the brand, and start to appreciate the collection from the brand, and begin to be proud of wearing products from those brand they have strong agreements with.


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