MINI Lifestyle Collection Mirror Watch: An Extended MINI Experience Of ‘Being Not Normal’

MINI is adding a new style of mirror watch into their lifestyle collection 2012. The watch is alongside the core original design idea of MINI’s car. Customers could get the extended MINI experience of MINI car through the more rounded square shape, the clean but outstanding ‘not normal’ product presentation, and vary colour choices of straps to related to consumers’ characteristics.

This very first mirror watch is presented with the wide digital glass panel, the time only appears at the touch of a button. This watch is at a price of £32 with black and white colour to choose from.

The author mentioned about the MINI’s brand image of ‘Being not normal’ in last MINI post with a video, this new introduced mirror watch really does share the up-beating and being different attention in providing consumers outstanding MINI experience.

Available @ MINI Lifestyle Collection Store


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