Dior Homme Eau Sauvage Men’s Perfume: Timeless & Classic, Deep & Magnetic Masculine Smell

As one of the most influential men’s perfume in the market throughout of history, Eau Sauvage, since launched in 1966 by Dior Homme, has been acting like a consistent living legend and appearing in diverse range of men’s wardrobe. Carrying the timeless and class trademark, Eau Sauvage is the first introduced men’s perfume in the market. It was a quite bold move for Dior Homme, who was innovative and creative to break free from the market’s limitation men’s perfume choices, as in a conventional sense, perfume was created only for women. Men was suppose to use after shave. Eau Sauvage’s smell represents the historic brand of Dior Homme and the history evolution of French society. Regardless the job and the class in the society, Eau Sauvage was widely popular and used.

The biggest legend behind Dior Homme Eau Sauvage men’s perfume should be Edmond Roudnitska, who had created many revolutionary smells for the perfume market, and Eau Sauvage was one of the masterpiece. Also, the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand, another legend in contributing his talents in this classic and timeless product. The new printed adverting is the image of The new advertising film is a part of French cult film ‘La Piscine’ with sound track ‘I’m a man’ from Black Strobe.

According to Dior Homme: Eau Sauvage’s composition emerges from the signature fragrance with a citrus, woody and amber scent, to create the deep, magnetic and sophisticated masculine smell.

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