Sponsored Video: Joop! Homme Wild, A Wild & Instant Seduction Fragrance For Men

The marketing messages and images of being ‘sexy’ and ‘seductive’ are clearly communicated to their end consumers, the famous best-seller male fragrance brand Joop! Homme is launching an additional brand, called Joop! Homme Wild in 2012. This brand new sub-brand has inherited every original sexual image and the purpose of seduction from the overall mother brand Joop! Homme fragrance builded for years, but Joop! Homme Wild really works hard to push the image wildly as the advertisement says ‘it will trigger instant seduction’.

Luckily Joop! Homme Wild offers a series of videos (4 in all) to introduce the wild side of popular capitals on the planet, in order to approach consumers in a very cool and guiding method. The same time, consumers would better understand and experience what Joop! Homme Wild tries to offer, and gradually associate themselves with the brand. Wildest spots are introduced such as bars, tattoo parlours, vintage accessory and fashion shops in London and Berlin, in where the countries the most target audiences dwell. This first Wild guild video above is about London; you can find some really nice, cool, and fascinating spots, like a rock ‘n’ roll haircut, vintage jewels, tattoo spots, to a cool bar.

Here below is the new updated London Part 2.

To maintain the male sexual body brand image and add the wild edge to it, Joop! Homme Wild chooses three very approachable and commonly welcomed notes by most males and females to form the associated sexy male body smell. This very fragrance is combing the top note of Pink Pepper, which gives a spicy and up-beating freshness, the heart note with absolute Rum, which pushes the extra male addition, and finished with base note of Woody Blond Tobacco, to extend the depth of the smell and to present the twisted masculine.

Sponsored by Joop! Homme


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